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produce professional commercial
fitness equipment & gym product
We do appreciate your attention to our products, Please specify your room size, placement, length, width, height, or gym photos for our reference when you need a customized product.

Our mission and vision: Provide people with safe, professional, high quality and cost-effective fitness equipment, as well as related education and training support Use our creativity to help everyone live healthier and become a world-renowned fitness brand.
Triumph Fitness LLC is a professional Commercial Fitness and GYM equipment company and offer qualified customized products, export world wide.

Triumph has been building unique and proper fitness and group exercise equipment for more than 20 years. Through innovation and listening to customers we have developed a full line of the equipment you want for your club and your customer is asking for. From cardio tools such as bikes and treadmills to group training and cross training we have the tools to fit any need.

We have two distinct lines of equipment from the unique Impact selectorized line to our Fanatics cross training and group fitness line. According to recent research and trends, circuit training will be one of the top trends for 2018~2020.

Our Impact selectorized line with converging movements, easy set up and smooth feel will not only meet this new trend but help make it easy for clubs to provide the tools needed to fit any market.

The Impact strength line will fit any AGE, any BODY, any CONDITION to help take on all different types of clients. From seniors to your typical member the Impact line will help them achieve their goal in a minimum time with proper exercise.
At Triumph Fitness we understand how hard it is to make money in this highly competitive business of Health and Fitness. Our mission is to help our customers make more money while making their lives easier. Not only is there a lot of competition but keeping members is even more important.

In fact according to recent research the typical club or studio has an attrition rate of 30-50% annually. That is a huge cost to any club or gym.
What are you doing this year to not only attract new markets and members but to cut attrition?

It is 5 times more expensive to get a new member than to keep an existing one. Let Triumph Fitness help with making life easier and more profitable. Through generous permission from Dr. Wayne Westcott, Triumph Fitness has taken Dr. WestcottĄŊs research and information and developed programs that will help clients lose fat, gain lean muscle and achieve the results they join your club for in as little as two 20 minute workouts a week.

I magine being able to give a member an eating plan along with a proper strength exercise plan that helps them lose 15-18 lbs of fat and gain 3 lbs. of lean muscle in just 8 weeks! Not only will the member be thrilled with their changes but think how many people they will tell about how your club has changed their life. You will see increased sales, a drop in attrition by as much as 50% all helping Make your bottom line look great.
Triumph Fitness unique features:
The Impact line is designed for ease of use and set up so anyone from the beginner to more advanced can get the results they expect.
  1. Ease of useĻCweight stacks access from the seat. No need to get up to adjust. More efficient time use.
  2. Adjustments to fit all body types. This allows for all different types of members in all types of abilities to get started exercising at your center.
  3. Color coded adjustments so that set up is a snap! Any body can easily make the machine work for them.
  4. Small footprint design to maximize your floor space for more clients through put. More people that are able to get their workout quickly means more profit for you.
  5. Simple, Safe and Effective equipment for a wide range of different members. Any Age, any Body, in any Condition!
Fanatics line:
  1. The line of Fanatics group fitness and cross training cages are built for extreme use. From the experienced trainee to the beginner this line is perfect! You will never have to worry about the equipment not being able to stand up to your customer spunishment.

  2. Fully customizable to fit any size floor or club requirement. Tell us what you need and we will make sure to fit that need.

  3. Many different configurations from simple to multiple users at one time.

  4. Storage for accessories are important. The Fanatics line will allow for many different types of exercise protocols along with proper storage. Everything in its place makes for a cleaner, more enjoyable club.

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