Power Rack With 35' Lever Arm
Power Rack With 35' Lever Arm
Power Rack With 48' Lever Arm
Power Rack With 48' Lever Arm

Hercules Strength training:

We designed the fully customized power racks to meet the high demands of the top professional, collegiate, and high school athletic facilities in the world. We used bigger, 3x3"" 11 Gauge Steel tubing,over-sized M24 hardware, and a bolt-together design for easier portability and affordable shipping. Lever Arm Kit gives athletes the ability to quickly reconfigure a power rack for a wide range of movements, without the need of a wrench or other tools. The 2 lever arms are constructed from 3x3"" 11-gauge steel and come with adjustable 1.25"" diameter handle attachments and a weight post with 12"" of loadable length.
  1. Racks offer configurable customization that allows for nearly limitless performance strength training possibilities.
  2. over-sized M24 hardware
  3. 32mm diameter3x3"" 11-Gauge Steel Lever Arms
  4. The 3D laser cutting machine has high processing precision with error within ¡À0.020 mm
  5. Safety hook + bumper
  6. It can be combined with FT7080 adjustable weight bench or other benches.
  7. Optional with a variety of functional accessories (Olympic bar holder, plate holder, etc.)
  8. Rack color can be customized according to customers¡¯ needs
  9. It can be combined with other products to increase the storage function
  10. Angled chin up bar
  11. Numbers are made by laser cutting on the upright frames.
  12. We can quickly provide design sketch according to customer requirements
  13. Short leading time (4-8 weeks, from design to delivery to your port)